5 Ways to wear the Chelsea Box

This month’s box is perfect for kicking it in the warm weather. The style items include a navy or light blue Weekend Casual anchor print tie and a double sided pocket square in deep indigo. This is how our friends wore The Chelsea Box

Photo c/o (Left to right): @theposhman & @thecasualboardwalk

This box can definitely be worn to work. Keeping the colors of the suit simple allows you to get away with a fun pattern like this one. We kept the Paul Evans socks a little on the safer side to make sure you are covered from head to toe (or at least neck to toe). Rock this box with a crisp shirt and a perfectly polished pair of shoes and you are ready for a nice spring day in the office.






The great thing about this box is that these patterns are fun and extremely versatile allowing you to pair it with just about anything. If you want to dress it down a little , you can swap out the suit pants for a pair of jeans. Wearing jeans or chinos can help you break up the formality of the outfit. Perfect for a night in town! Photo c/o: @cheungkyy




Going on a quick coffee run? Wearing things on-the-go has never been easier. We perfectly matched the tie with the pocket square to take thinking out of the equation. Now you don’t have to dig through your closet to find the perfect pair when you are in a hurry. Photo c/o: @gioserna_


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