Proper Etiquette (Job Interview Edition)

To commemorate the many people graduating this year, we are sticking with the interview theme. In our previous post How to ace your next interview, we mentioned a few tips on jobs and an inside look on what employers are looking for. 

As part of being a gentleman, we want to dive deeper into the do's and don'ts of job interviews. 

1. The handshake: We know it may seem a little silly to tell you how to shake someone's hand, but it has to be done! Keep your handshake firm, and proper. A good handshake is the key to nailing your first impression!

Ask questions:
A job interview is a two-way street, meaning that you aren't there just to answer a few questions. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the company and see if you fit in.

3. Send a proper thank you: Whether it is an email or a handwritten note, sending a thank you is a great way to follow up with your application. It adds a positive impression and it can help your potential employer to remember you better in the sea of people they interview on a daily basis.

4. Dress the Part:
Most of the time you only get one interview to make an good impression with your potential employer. No matter what role you will be playing in the company, it is always better to overdress than underdress. A dark suit, polished shoes, and sharp accessories. Perhaps from SprezzaNYC?

5. Do your research: You can find anything on the internet now-a-days. Use it as a tool to give you the upper hand on the company you are interviewing for. Know what the company is about, any recent press, or any current projects. Just make sure you don't overdo it or it may come off as a little creepy!

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