This week we launched our first line of cufflinks. For those of you that don’t know, cufflinks are traditionally used to secure shirt cuffs without buttons. Unfortunately, they lost some flame over the years because people were unaware of their function. 

We wanted to change that.


The personal stylists on our team created eight new designs to take a modern twist on a traditional piece.  The classics are back and we want you to show us how you wear them. Shop our new line here.

A Quick History Lesson:
Cufflinks were originally made for the royalties and high-class men. See this photo of King Louis XIV rocking a pair of cufflinks on his right sleeve. Let’s be honest though, you could probably wear it better. 


As mentioned before, cufflinks are designed to be used with shirts that have buttonholes on both sides, but no buttons. These shirts are called french cuff shirts. Here are a few places you can find them:TwilloryLedburyStantt.


When to wear them:
Because they are such a classic piece, we feel that they should be dressed up. Wear them with your favorite suit and a crisp shirt and watch them shine. It is a fun way to add some flare to your outfit for a dinner party a wedding, or even just a dapper Monday. 


Make sure you tag #SPREZZANYC so we could share your cufflink looks.

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