Introducing the BRYANT BOX

Inspired by our local chill spot. May is the season for weddings, graduations, the Kentucky Derby and so much more. So for this month’s box we wanted to get a little creative and give you items to prepare you to take on the warmer weather. It’s time to put those heavier fabrics in the back of your closet and bring out the cottons and linens. 

As some of you may know, we moved into our new office a few weeks back. Ever since then, we have been enjoying our view of Bryant Park. 

Jack Sartori
is back at it again. This time with a summer-weight tie made from a luxurious linen blend to keep you cool as you suit up. With the Kentucky Derby going on this month, we felt like this tie would be a perfect fit. If you aren’t going to the Derby, at least you can dress like you are! 

Pair this tie with a crisp light suit and a simple shirt. See photos below:

We didn’t want to leave you hanging so we teamed up with Bed Stu  to create a matching pair of triple stripes, made exclusively for SprezzaBox. They are made from high quality cotton that will keep your feet happy. 

Did you like the pocket square last month? We sure did! So we made another one, courtesy of our design team in LA. The scallop print sets the tone for the season. Life’s a beach, go enjoy those waves.


Our friends over at AUS cufflinks wanted to keep things classy for this month’s style piece. Cufflinks were originally made for the royalties and high-class men. See this photo of King Louis XIV rocking a pair of cufflinks on his right sleeve. Let’s be honest though, you could probably wear it better. 


If you’re like us, you probably are going to be out enjoying the nice weather more often. Keep your breath so fresh and so clean with the Supersmile Whitening Toothpaste. They guarantee whitening thats super gentle, with results that are super fast. They even hooked us up with an exclusive discount, just for you guys. It pays to look well. 

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