Wedding Colors + Themes S/SU’16


You might not want to have your wedding on a boat, but you sure can get a little nautical by tossing in some cool hues into your wardrobe.. Perfect for weddings on the shoreside.

Coral + Navy

This color way is one of our personal favorites. The perfect mix of warm and cool colors come together to create this summertime combo.  


Merlot + Gray

Inspired by the beautiful Grape colored wine from France. Pairing  a deep and rich color with a sleek monotone is perfect for celebrate a classy evening.


Rosé + Black
A warm and subtle color way, inspired by your favorite glass of champagne. 


Classic Black Tie

Derived from British and American costume conventions in the early 90’s and remastered for the modern man. Sleek, classic, & extremely stylish. 

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