Picking the Right Gift for Father’s Day

1) Find out what he likes and give him something he will actually use. Surprisingly enough, people will just go out and mindlessly buy a gift without putting any thought into it. If he still works that 9-5, get him a wardrobe upgrade for the office. 

2) A new pair of specs. Sometimes the right pair of frames can give a little modern flair to an aging man. 

3) Well fitting trousers. Everyone knows the term “Dad Jeans”. Help him break that stereotype and hook him up with a new pair of pants that actually fit. 

4) A guilt free gym membership. We can’t believe that the “Dad Bod” is actually a trending topic. We are sure you don’t like it either, so sign him up to a local gym and get him to start pumping some iron again. 

5) Take him out. Nothing beats quality time with a loved one. Make it special, take him out to play golf or treat him out to a nice restaurant. Invite family, maybe even his friends. Just give him a good time!


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