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One of our favorite items from the November box was the Salt + Dapper NATO watch strap. The versatility that a NATO strap provides has been underrated until very recently. It not only changes the dynamic of the watch but it allows you to match the watch to your outfit or mood. Even really fancy watches with metal or leather bands can be transformed into a more casual or sporty look with a NATO. 

Below is one of the NATOs that was featured in the box. We used many different colors and patterns to show the variety offered by Salt  + Dapper. This one is obviously camo.

Photo by @gioserna_ and watch from Timex.

Here are a few quick steps on how to install the strap. For more in-depth details, check out the full 
Crown & Buckle tutorial which is extremely helpful.

After the old band has been removed, separate the two straps and slide the longer one over the top of the pin with the shorter side being underneath. Then pull the longer side under the watch.

Now continue pulling the longer strap across the backside of the dial and slide it up through the other pin.

Place the longer strap through the floating buckle at the tip of the smaller strap. Be sure to pull it all the the way through until its nice and tight.

Ta da! Now you can place that beautiful watch strap around your wrist and #getdapper.

If you have any questions about how to assemble, use or wear your NATO strap, feel free to email us
@itsactuallydan rockin' the orange and blue Salt + Dapper NATO

For more places to purchase NATO straps, check out:

> Salt + Dapper
> Crown & Buckle
> Martenero


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