SprezzaBox coFounder named GQ Insider of the Month

This month has been very exciting for us here at SprezzaBox. We opened up a second location in New York, added a few key people to our team and Philip was named 'GQ Insider of the Month'. Philip Sblendorio is one of our coFounders who helped shape Sprezza into what it is today. Leaving the corporate world behind him in 2014, he set up SprezzaBox to be quite the opposite. Our modern, apple-friendly office is located in Hunters Point Queens with a beautiful view of Manhattan. "I wanted a space that was both creative and inspiring. An office should be comfortable but functional... and should absolutely have a bar." - words of wisdom from Philip.
SprezzaBox runs with the energy of a creative marketing firm and e-commerce subscription platform but still projects itself as a lifestyle. It's a place where bloggers can come and hangout, shoot photos in the studio come or just hang out and blog from the lounge. Philip got the idea from his personal Instagram page @menstailoredfit which focuses on lifestyle and fashion. This page along with SprezzaBox is what helped secure him as GQ Insider of the Month. THANKS GQ (and Pam)!
Now, on to the interview with GQ...
GQ:  Tell us about your experience as a GQ Insider.
Philip:  The best part about being a GQ Insider is the networking events. I get to meet amazing bloggers and am introduced to brands that SprezzaBox can eventually work with. A few of the menswear bloggers are now part of our team and work with us on a monthly basis. 

I try to make it to as many of the events that I can. The GQ team has been very supportive of SprezzaBox since the beginning and their events have helped me build so many friendships and partnerships over the past year. I’ve had the chance to meet some very iconic people as well, which makes for a great selfie.
GQ:  How does GQ influence your blog?
Philip:  My blog is part of my company's website (SprezzaBox) so it is very important that we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to current and future trends. Our goal is to help educate the average retail consumer on how to be stylish and what to wear. GQ is perfect source for knowing what's acceptable to wear and when/how to wear it. There have been countless times that I've had to reference a GQ article for "how to" guides.
(in front of Rockaway Brewing Co. - Beer is Good!)
GQ:  Tell us more about SprezzaBox.
Philip:  A little bit about SprezzaBox: it's a monthly subscription for the modern man. We curate boxes with ties, socks, pocket squares and more for only $28/month. We help the consumer discover new brands and achieve a fashionable look without breaking the bank.
This feature was particularly awesome for us because it highlighted SprezzaBox and how GQ has recognized it as the pioneer in modern day shopping for men. We couldn't have done it without the help of these GQ Insider events and the networking that has come along with it. For those of you interested in being part of something great, make sure you subscribe to SprezzaBox and also become a GQ Insider
-- SprezzaBox Team 

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April 03, 2015

Well deserved credit where it’s due.

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