Brickell: Skincare Products for the Everyday Gentleman

This month, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with the gents at Brickell. The whole men's skincare world may seem like a scary and intimidating place, but the key is to start with a simple and effective routine. Brickell recommends using their Clarifying Gel Face Wash and Face Moisturizer daily (twice a day, morning and evening) to achieve healthy and energized skin. It's also never too early to use anti-aging products, so try the Face Wash, Anti-Aging Cream and Eye Balm from their Ultimate Anti-Aging Routine.
Brickell was founded by two dudes what wanted high-quality skincare and grooming products that are natural. So they created a brand that a man could relate to. They've been seen in major editorials like Men's Health, Men's Journal, Details Magazine and AskMen. 
One of the things we love about this brand is  the natural and organic ingredients they use in their grooming and skincare products. No need to worry about dryness, irritation or oiliness!
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We're psyched to announce that we're GIVING AWAY this Men's Ultimate Grooming & Skincare Kit to one lucky winner. These seven products retail for $142.00 and it's exactly what you'll need to kickstart your skincare regimen. Follow us on Instagram for details on how to enter!

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