Step Up Your Shoe Game With Paul Evans

If you've ever tried on a pair of luxury dress shoes, you've probably also looked at the price tag and decided not to take the plunge. The guys who created Paul Evans had the same experience so they decided to do something about it. These two NYC dudes packed up their bags and flew over to Italy (where many luxury dress shoe companies have their factories). 
They had one goal in mind: to produce stylish, comfortable shoes made from the highest quality materials, delivered straight to the consumer. With no middleman markups and no retail space to rent, they are able to create beautiful, timeless shoes from their hand-picked factory in Naples, Italy. 
You might have already seen Paul Evans on your favorite bloggers like Adam Gallagher and Blake Scott.
With Father's Day right around the corner, a nice designer briefcase, belt or Oxfords would make the perfect gift.
What we love about Paul Evans is their classic take on your favorite shoes (Oxfords, loafers, chukkas) and accessories. Their color options allows you to truly customize a Paul Evans product with what you already have in your wardrobe.  
Since we couldn't include a pair of Paul Evans in each of our boxes, we decided to collaborate with them to giveaway these sick oxblood Stewart penny loafers. These retail at $349.00 and may be the most versatile shoe in your shoe collection. The upper portion is made of full-grain Italian leather and has a matching leather sole. It's also painted by hand and contains a leather lining. For a chance to win these bad boys, head over to our Instagram page!

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