5 Social Media Pages to Follow

In today's age, we get a lot of inspiration from social media... Instagram in particular. There are hundreds of fashion pages, bloggers, influencers and more. So where do you begin? How about we start with the basics and take a look at some top pages that anyone can draw inspiration from.

1. Mr. Porter (Instagram)
A monochromatic feel, high quality pictures and a modern take on men's fashion and lifestyle. This is another page to add into your arsenal of daily trolling next to GQ, Details & Esquire. Inspiration, shopping or advice, this is a great page to follow and website to visit -- 416k followers.
MrPorter.com is also a great place to shop and read the Journal.

2. GQ (Instagram & Twitter)
Often considered the Man's Bible, GQ boasts everything from fashion, travel, cars and babes (there's more but we will stop there). GQ is not just a frequently visited website and common magazine to adorn your coffee table but has become a term that people use to describe "looking good". It's got a very fun Instagram feed along with a ton of followers -- 1.6m on IG and 700k on Twitter
The GQ website should be bookmarked.

3. Banana Republic (Instagram)
A fun, bright page for both men and women to follow. Mostly geared towards women but a great feed to follow. They have such a great style and symmetry to their page and if you're lucky, they may repost your picture if it's good enough. Be sure to tag @bananarepublic when wearing their gear... maybe Marissa Webb will comment back ;)
Their IG page has 427k followers and a beautiful website.

4. J.Crew (Instagram)
J.Crew has a colorful yet simple tone when it comes to their clothing. Color-blocking with bright notes on a simple, classic fabric is their motto. Their Instagram page reflects just that. We like to follow this page for season ideas since that is something they do a great job of... 1 million others will agree with you!
J.Crew Website 

5. Nick Wooster (Legend)
NW is a bad-ass in the fashion community. A character that creates his own unique sense of style that some people love while making others feel like their own wardrobe is super boring. He has done collaborations with virtually every brand and travels like a champ. We follow his Instagram & Twitter along with half a million others to see what he is up to daily and to be in "the know" for fashion related current events.

There's a ton of great pages out there to provide you with all the inspiration you need to keep a balanced wardrobe. These 5 are the essential pages that most already follow and for good reason. Always keep an open mind and a versatile style so that you can be ready for any occasion. For great accessories to add to your arsenal, click here.

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