How To Mix Prints: Finding the Best Neckwear and Pocket Square Combos

Seeking a little personality to your casual blazer or dressy suit? You might be surprised that the answer can be found as close as your pocket. Pocket squares aren’t anything new; there’s a long history to the usages of these handkerchiefs to don or spruce up a suit. This seemingly subtle addition to an outfit can create an image of timeless sophistication and sharpness.
Finding the right pocket square for your get-up isn’t rocket science. However, with the endless assortments of prints, colors, and patterns that are available, it can still be a bit overwhelming. But not to worry--this quick guide for styling your pocket square has all the tips and tricks that will have you coordinating like a pro!
1. PRINT PLAY: When it comes to prints, it’s important to keep the scale in mind. Mixing small-scale prints with larger ones will break things down a little and help to avoid the visual clutter.
2. COLOR COORDINATION: Your pocket square should compliment the base colors of your tie. Avoid wearing a matching pocket square with your tie/bowtie, which will draw the viewer’s attention horizontally to your chest instead of your face.
3. PATTERNS ON PATTERNS: Try to think of the base pattern of your prints the same way as you would with the base color of a tie. For example, to coordinate a striped tie, a nice plaid pocket square would sync up perfectly with the straight lines of the stripes.
As you begin to get more advanced, you might find yourself becoming more adventurous in styling your pocket square and tie. Try it out for yourself! Don’t forget to take a photo and use #getdapper to tag us on Instagram to show it off!

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