Upgrading Your Sock Drawer This Summer

While most of us would rather opt to go sock-less for the upcoming summer heat, we should all take a moment to rethink our sock drawer. Looking through a stylish perspective, socks can add an individual touch to your outfit. You can easily play up a dull outfit with a dash of color or show off your your eye for trendy influence with a subtle touch of print.
It’s time to ditch those boring white pair of ankle trainers this summer, and start upgrading your sock smarts with these helpful tips!
STATEMENT STYLINGIf you want to wear your socks as your statement piece of an outfit, consider a bold color or design to contrast your footwear. You should also keep in mind of the length of the socks when wearing them as the focal point of your look. By slightly cuffing your jeans or trousers, it draws attention down towards the socks to show them off in the best way.
SUBTILE STYLING: If you’d rather wear your socks to enhance a certain color or theme of your look in a subtle way, take the opposite route by choosing a lighter hue that doesn’t clash or contrast with your footwear. For example, if your shoes are a dark brown you can consider a light brown or beige colored pair of socks (see Leo Chan from Levitate Style below).
Wearing socks may not be a must-have necessity of your outfit this season, but we shouldn’t limit wearing them just to keep our shoes from getting too stinky. Wear them as an extension of your personal style while complimenting your footwear. Don’t be afraid to add some playful prints or a pop of color to your ankles!
How do you style your socks? Share a photo of your sock game and tag us by using #getdapper on Instagram!


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