The ULTIMATE Father's Day Gift Guide For Every Budget

With Father’s Day coming up, many of us might be having a hard time racking our brains for the perfect Father’s Day gift. It certainly doesn’t help if you’re on a certain budget and Dad is particularly hard to shop for.
But fear not! To offer some inspiration to the pool of ideas, we’ve complied the ultimate gift list that any Dad would appreciate for every price range.
1. Paul Evans, $369
Manufactured in Naples, Italy and based in New York City, Paul Evans is fitting choice for a quality pair of loafers or oxfords.
2. Andres Sendra, $342
Andres Sendra is another great company to turn to if you want to splurge for Dad. Check out their custom shoe option for Dad’s unique taste.
3. Just A Men Shoe, $135
Made with flexibility and comfort in mind, Just A Men Shoe offers stylish shoes at an affordable price that doesn’t skimp out on the quality.
1. Martenero, $485
Designed for versatility, Martenero’s collection of automatic watches is perfect if you want to personalize a timepiece for Dad.
 1. Daniel Wellington, $299
Classy, minimal, and sophisticated, Daniel Wellington is a favorite among both men and women, so we’re sure your dad would love it as well.
 3. MVMT, $95 
With an option of casual and formal watches, MVMT offers timepieces that look good without breaking bank.
 1. QP Collections, $71 
Handmade with an attention to detail, the ties from QP Collections will have Dad coordinating all his outfits with his new favorite tie!
 2. Mosaic, $35 
100% handmade, custom dyed, and woven from a 50/50 cotton and linen blend, a handsome tie by Mosaic for your handsome Dad.
 3. Weekend Casual, $20
Looking for something with unique prints, superb style, and totally affordable? Let Weekend Casual answer your tie-related prayers this Father’s Day.
 1. This Is Ground, $595
This Is Ground’s Mod Laptop Craft Edition case can hold a 15-inch MacBook Pro, cords, pens, cards, money, books, tablets, and a phone; what else could Dad need?
 2. Satchel and Page, $395
Handcrafted leather satchels and briefcases, Satchel and Page offer timeless styling of the 1940s with the modern functionality.
 3. Antoni Manuel, $311
Elegant and efficient; Dad will also appreciate the hidden pull out handles on this briefcase if he prefers a little more functionality for his daily needs.
Shaving Kits:
 1. Brickell, $45
Step up your Dad’s shave with Brickell’s Men’s Smooth Brushless Shave Routine and give him the experience of a smoother and closer shave!
 2. Harry’s, $40
Harry’s Father’s Day Shave Set is another perfect gift for Dad. This complete set of products has everything a shave kit needs--including the razor.
 3. Dollar Shave Club, Choice of $1, $6, or $9 per month
For a monthly subscription payment of $1, $6, or $9 depending on the type of blade, Dollar Shave Club aims to give your dad a great shave right to his door.
 1. Macallan Scotch Whisky, $223
A 1990s bottling of Macallan’s sherry rich 10 year old single malt Scotch whisky--nicely fitting for a whisky kind of Dad.
 2. Bulleit Whiskey, $27
Oaky, smoky, bold and clean; Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey is on the more affordable side of the price range that still delivers that spurt of flavor.

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