Enhance Your Style With Mosaic Menswear

When it comes to finding a great tie, the trouble seems to begin at the perfect design and print and end with the issue of quality versus price. And that’s exactly what Mosaic Menswear aims to solve.
Their vision revolves around products that express both style and personality with a guarantee of the highest qualities. Handmade with materials ranging from cotton and linen to denim, Mosaic Menswear delivers ties to make a statement for any occasion.
Our Liberty Box showcases their red and blue 100% silk tie for you to stay stylish for the upcoming summer days and nights.
It’s only been a few weeks since the Liberty Box’s debut, but our subscribers and bloggers have already been rocking it!
Both Gio Serna (above) and Larry (below) show us how to pair the red Mosaic Menswear tie with some dark denims for that effortlessly classy-casual look, or to spruce up a dressy outfit.
Either way you decide to wear Mosaic Menswear’s ties, you can always be sure to expect the best quality that their hand-woven neckties can give you. How are you styling the ties from our Liberty Box? Don’t forget to share and tag us on Instagram with #getdapper!

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