Quick Tips On Dressing For The Summer

When it comes to summer, the dreaded thoughts of heat and humidity just might be enough for us to reconsider stepping a foot outside. But on those particular days that call for an outing, a few of these styling tips could help you looking and staying cool. 
1. The Material Of Your Outfit
Try to avoid any heavy-duty fabric or materials that won't do you any good under the sun. Linen and cotton are a summer staple when it comes to clothing, not only to wick away excess moisture, but also for their light and airy ventilation. The same goes for your accessories--linen or cotton ties and socks will save your life!
2. Light Colors 
Straying away from darker colors that absorb light is another essential tip when keeping your cool, but you can also use it as an excuse to dress up in timeless light denim or pastel shades! 
3. Simple And Understated
Adding a detail or an accessory to an outfit is never a bad idea, and we'd probably be the first ones to agree to that. However, we also know how uncomfortable dressing up with accessories can get during the summer. Try going with a more understated look that gives off an effortlessly casual yet "put together" vibe.
That doesn't mean you should ditch your favorite watch or belt either; just remember keep it light, clean, and simple to save yourself from the heavy clutter.
What's your favorite tip for the summer? Let us know in the comments section below, or maybe add in your own personal tricks to beat the heat and stay stylish!

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