Seeing Red, White And Blue with the Liberty Box

For the month of June, our Liberty Box features products that perfectly captures the class red and dark blue color scheme. Patriotically inspired by the iconic Statue of Liberty that overlooks the New York City Harbor, we're sure that whether you're looking to dress up, or go for an effortlessly classy, office casual look, this box will have some of your next favorite pieces of the summer. 
For our line of ties in this month's box, we're featuring Mosaic Menswear's 100% silk ties--available in the blue or red pattern. The linear print of the ties make it incredibly versatile to style, so feel free to mix and match to your preferred wardrobe! 
DHA1's herringbone pocket square is the perfect addition to a dapper outfit that doesn't look too heavy or outdone. The lightweight look and feel of the material--as well as the cool toned shades of the color prints--makes it a summer "must have" item. 
Don't forget to give your footwear some love too. These American Trench socks look like they were practically made for The Liberty box with perfectly paired respective red and blue pattern. 
Avoid the foot-in-shoe-jamming action with the Paul Evans shoehorn. Made with quality in mind, the shoehorn is designed to fit yourself easily into your favorite footwear without damaging it. 
Don't forget to add your best winner's smile to your dapper outfit! Get a little help from a sample of Marvis toothpaste.
How would you style the items in our Liberty Box? Which one are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Michael A. Pinter
Michael A. Pinter

August 06, 2015

I love those ties! Can’t decide which one I like more. I have several shirts and outfits that would pair well with them. Those pocket squares would also go well with the blazers I own.

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