Bring The Hudson Box To Your Doorstep

Our Hudson Box was probably the most buzzed about box yet--for a good reason too! Named after the Hudson River, which lies on the west side of Lower Manhattan TriBeCa, we drew inspiration from the mix of minimalistic architecture and the classic townhouses that embodies the area itself. And to start off the box, we're super excited to introduce the first ever watch in one of our boxes! With the same minimalistic design and classy gold frame and leather combo, we're confident that you'll be just as hyped to receive them as well.
Arvo watches is the exact definition of the classy wrist wear that doesn't come with the hefty luxury brand price tag. With that being said, the quality isn't skimped out on either, and we can't even begin to get into how versatile these perfectly minimalistic watches are for any and every occasion.
Adding a creative edge to all their men's wear accessories, The Grunion Run is a groomsmen shop that definitely veers away from the traditional designs. Stylish and affordable, these pocket squares are just waiting to be your next favorite piece.
For this month's pair of socks, we're bringing you some options from the New York based company, Jimmy Lion. With their fun range of colors and designs, Jimmy Lion prides themselves on their unique prints, as well as the premium cotton material of their products. 
It's time to stop carrying your cash and cash in a bulky, awkward bump in your back pockets. It may not be suitable for your every day needs, but the Dappered Man money clip could come in a cinch when using it for casual social events or a quick dinner out.
Nova Scotia Fisherman is a skincare brand that has become popular for their one key ingredient: 100% natural Nova Scotia Sea Kelp. All organically made with a wide range of products, we're sure that you'll look and feel great at the same time.
Which of the Hudson box products were you most excited to see? How would you style them? Give us your feedback in the comments below!

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