SprezzaBox X Project Show X Shop The Floor

Project Show is one of the biggest trade shows for menswear, showcasing the best brands in the contemporary and denim market to create an expertly merchandised experience for buyers and press. The event serves as an important start to the American men's market by combining engaging show-floor initiatives and with the help of Shop The Floor, buyers can easily navigate through the different brands and their most current merchandise. 
We've always been big fans of Project Show and Shop the Floor, so we felt especially honored when we were asked to style the looks for this season! Putting together the looks was fun and easy when you have so many awesome brands to choose from. This year was such a success and we found several new brands to partner up with for our subscription!
Behind the scenes look at their on-site photo shoot. Take a look at some of the looks we styled below:
These three looks below were some of our favorites:
We will be in Las Vegas August 17-19 for the next convention and can't wait to style even more looks from more brands.
Which look do you like the best? Don't forget to leave a comment below!

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