Meals Done Easy With Blade & Skillet

As most of you may already know, we here at SprezzaBox make sure you look your dapper best in the most convenient way possible. But for those of you who are looking for the same type of convenience in your everyday lifestyle, Blade & Skillet could help you out immensely. 
We get it; sometimes you're just too busy to rack your brain for ideas on what you make for your next meal. Sure there's instant microwavable food, take-out, and eating out, but all that can really put on a damper on your weight and wallet. That's why we're excited to introduce Blade & Skillet: an online website dedicated to bringing you an wide palate of delicious dishes you can make with short and simple, easy to follow videos!
With Blade & Skillet, you won't be pulling your hair out rummaging through your spice racks and taking out a million utensils. By offering creative dishes that only calls for the common ingredients and limited steps, they'll have you impressing yourself and guests with the Top Chef level of culinary masterpieces!
All recipes let you know the preparation and cooking time, as well as offering a wide selection of dishes to choose from. From steaks and burgers to vegetarian options and appetizers, Blade & Skillet offers a delicious home cooked meal for every and any occasion! Check out some of their drool-worthy recipes:
Bacon Mac 'n Cheese
Steak & Frites
Pesto Penne
Sriracha Chicken 
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(all photos taken by: Sebastien Dubois-Didcock)

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