Transition Into Fall With the Bleecker Box

With the month of September halfway behind us, we're probably not the only ones with some serious autumn-related vibes. The seasonal transition was a perfect inspiration into the design and creation of our next box--The Bleecker! Bleecker Street, situated in East Village of Lower Manhattan, is the mecca of youthful university students getting their daily caffeine fix or a quick bite to eat. The Bleecker, tailored to fit into that collegiate theme with the prints and colors of the university lifestyle--or for anyone who's having September Back-To-School throwbacks.


Introducing, our first-ever SPREZZA Neckties! Just like the familiar first day of school jitters, we're super excited to bring you guys the first batch of SREZZA brand ties, and we're confident you'd like them as well. With the super versatile print, the tie can be dressed up, or down, from classy to casual. 

And to pair up with the tie, we've added a SPREZZA Pocket Square as well. The classic chevron print pocket square can add some texture to an otherwise plain, solid colored suit or blazer. 


If you haven't noticed by now, stripes is the underlying theme of our collegiate-inspired box, and these Bedford & Broome's Limited Edition Socks are just another great addition to The Bleecker. They're perfectly fit to be worn as a set with the box but also stylish enough to be worn on its own. 

We've also included a Dappered Man's Specialty Lapel Flower for those days or nights when you want to dress your chest for that extra dapper look. 


Brickell's got you (and your lips) covered with their full-sized Men's Lip Balm. Compact enough to slip into your back pocket, it's a handy product to always have on you whenever you might need it. 


How do you feel about The Bleecker? What items were you most excited to receive? Leave us any feedback or comments in the comment section below!

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Magnus Hedlund
Magnus Hedlund

September 28, 2015

Just got my first Sprezzabox. Just awesome! Love the items in the box and already look forward to my next box!

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