Fall Leather Essentials

1. A Good Leather Jacket

How much you spend on a item most usually reflects on its quality, and when it comes to a leather jacket, it's best not to skimp too much on the price. Leather jackets are an essential piece to anyone's closet that even looks good with some wear--that's why it's usually recommended to hunt for one with great quality to make sure it lasts!

2. Leather/Textured Chukka Boots


Another familiar area to find some of the most fashionable leather staples are the feet. Leather chukka boots practically scream fall essential, especially with their rich, dark earth tones. Check out other textured footwear as well, such as suede. Opt for a nice pair of leather loafers if boots are a little too casual for the office. 

3. Leather Briefcase/Messenger 


A leather satchel, messenger, or briefcase is the better upgrade to your canvas carry-all. Leather bags are prominent in the men's fashion world, so there's a style, size, and structure that could fit every and anyone's bill and needs!

4. Leather Belt


You really can't go wrong with the simple, classic leather belt. Bring your outfit together with a good belt to add that smooth, clean-cut look that's perfect for the office. Remember, black belts are usually more professional, so switch out for a brown leather belt if you're dressing for a casual vibe. 

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