Trending Fall Patterns

Missed plaid and checkered prints? Don't worry, they missed you too, but if you're looking for something beyond the classics (which can get a little overplayed) check out these equally trendy patterns that the all the stylish guys will be rocking this Autumn! 

1. Chevron

Wonderfully versatile and super classy, chevron is your next go-to print for any guy out there wanting to add a subtle texture to an outfit. Because of the flexible striped print, and pairing it up with your favorite tie or shirt makes it an instant sharp look--just make sure you coordinate it with different variations of lined patterns!

2. Pinstripe

Effortlessly classy, a good pinstripe suit never fails to be one of the classiest office looks in the city. Pinstripe is generally more fit for a professional setting, so for anyone looking to play up your workwear, you can't go wrong with this sleek print!

 3. Houndstooth

Uniquely stylish, houndstooth is another fall favorite. The intricate design that looks just as cool up close and far away is a fun print to wear up or down if you're looking for something a little more different.

4. Tweed

The woven, textured look of tweed practically screams autumn. Tweed is an absolute fall essential that you can't forget when listing patterns. Perfect for a chilly night out with its thick material, or to dress it down casually by opting for tweed accessories, be sure to incorporate this fun material into your closet!

What's your favorite pattern from the list? Which one do you think you'll rock this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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