Sweater Guide

If there's one good thing that comes out of the sudden drop in temperature is the official start of sweater weather. We all have a favorite, comfy sweater that will always have a place in our hearts and closets, and the changing fall season is the moment we've been waiting for to finally wear it out.

1. Alpaca 

Soft, silky, and comfy to the max, alpaca is becoming the new cashmere. The thermal control alpaca wool provides is also what makes it the perfect layering piece for the new season. Alpaca tends to be on the pricier side, but it certainly does make up for it with its durable quality and great look. 

2. Wool

The most classic and common sweater fabric, wool is a staple for many reasons. Great for warmth and comfort, try to coordinate them with earthy, fall tones such as forest green, charcoal gray, and camel!

3. Cashmere

The luxurious look and feel of cashmere never gets old. Cashmere is easily a favorite of the general public for the great quality and flexibility. Although it lacks the thickness of wool and alpaca, cashmere's thin knit is never overlooked when it comes to layering. 

4. Merino Wool 

Merino wool is the thinner version of the classic wool fabric, but it deserves a spot in our guide just as much. Because of its thin material, merino is great to wear under heavier outerwear by eliminating the bulk without sacrificing warmth. Even better, merino wool is typically the cheaper options to go to when looking for a great, insulated sweater fabric.

How would you style some of these sweaters? Did we forget some of your favorite fabrics? Leave a comment down below! 

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