Getting The Most Out Of Your Summer Suit

For this season, you just might want to hold off on storing away your favorite summer suits. Believe it or not, there are clever ways to transition your summer outerwear smoothly into your fall wardrobe. 

1. Light Layering 

The best way to transition your summer suits for the chillier season is to step up your layering game! Lightweight scarves are simple and fashionable accessories to throw on, and they dress you up without leaving you feeling too stuffy.

2. Wearing Seasonal Colors

Opt for a darker, more earthier tones to pair with your summer suit. Matching darker colors with your suit will easily turn the summer vibes into a more appropriate seasonal outfit. Try a deep khaki or a rich, hunter green--perfectly versatile hues that's great for the office and out!

3. Dark Denim

Dark denim for days... especially during the fall! The classic, clean look of a great pair of dark denim jeans under your summer suit will have you autumn fashion ready in an instant. 


What are some of your favorite ways to transition a summer suit into the fall? Let us know if we missed anything in the comments down below!

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