RibbedTee's Guide to Wearing an Undershirt

One of the most often looked-over clothing item has got to be the men's undershirt. From your every day guy to the fashionably devoted men out there, undershirts are actually pretty essential to your closet. Although the undershirt comes off quite simple and boring, they're important nonetheless! Here's a helpful guide to start off on. 

1. Wear it to layer.

Thinner than the normal t-shirt, undershirts are made to be thin and comfortable so that it is easily layered under your clothes.  

2. Wear it for warmth.

Although quite thin, the undershirt is a great way to keep your body heat in. 


3. Prevent staining.

Protect your nicer dress shirts from staining by wearing an undershirt to absorb your sweat. It can also help keep the quality of your dress shirts longer!


4. DON'T show your undershirt for a dressed up look.

Try to avoid showing your undershirt if you're going for a fancier or a more put together look, especially with a dress shirt.  


5. DO show your undershirt for a more casual vibe.

For a more casual outfit, undershirts are fine to show off over some casual chinos, under a blazer, or layered under your favorite every day sweater. 

If you want to learn more about wearing an undershirt, head over to Ribbed Tee and grab your free Undershirt Wearing Guide! Click on this link to fill out your form online. 

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