Nail Your Next Interview: Top 5 Tips

1. The interview starts as soon as you walk in the door. A good practice is to imagine that everyone you meet in the building is interviewing you, from the receptionist to the CEO, every first impression you make counts.


2. Arrive prepared. Bring several neat, unfolded copies of your resumé just in case there is more than one interviewer or they do not have a copy for themselves.  


3. Ask the right questions. Show that you have researched the company and culture and that you are excited about being there. Try to have a few thoughtful questions prepared in advance, and bring a notebook, so you are never at a loss for words. Remember, this is a conversation.


4. Dress like the Boss. Everyone knows the old saying: “dress for the job you want”, but it is also important to make sure you look like you belong there.  So make sure that as a part of your research into the company’s culture, you find out the appropriate attire. If it is a casual office, do not show up in a three-piece suit. Likewise if it is a formal environment, leave your jeans and tee at home.


5. Say you want the job. Tell the interviewer how interested you are. Boldness is memorable,  and companies want people who want them, so being blunt might just make the difference between you and other candidates.

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