Thread Experiment's Ugly Bedding Contest

So you're pretty good at taking care of your fashion and have a grooming routine, but what about your bedding? Chances are, now is the best time to give your bedroom the upgrade it rightfully deserves.

Thread Experiment is the company made for the modern man who's ready to up his bedding game. As the first ever brand of home bedding dedicated to men, Thread Experiment aims to offer you a wide selection of bedding that will appeal and express your personality.

With a multitude of options available on their online store, from duvets and shams, comforters, sheets and pillowcases, it's worth a look as a one-stop shop for all your best bed's needs. Feel free to mix and match the patterns as well; no need to be too matchy-matchy! 

Exciting news! If your bed doesn't look as awesome as you do, here's an opportunity to change that with Thread Experiment's Bedding Makeover contest! Thread Experiment is giving away a duvet cover and complete comforter set to the guy who has, quite simply, the ugliest bedding in his bedroom. Just follow these 3 easy steps on Instagram:

1. Follow them at @threadexperiment 

2. Post a photo of your ugly-ass bedding

3. Use the #BeddingForMen hashtag and tag their @threadexperiment handle

Then you'll be entered to win. The guy who has the ugliest bedding wins any of these 4 gorgeous bedspreads in the size of your choice. Good luck to everyone that enters, and may the odds for ugliest bedding be forever in your favor!

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