Be Autumn Fashion Ready With The Movember

Channeling some of the darker tones for the chillier moments of the autumn season, we're proud to finally be able to showcase The Movember box. 

Featuring a complete set of men's accessories--including a tie bar--The Movember was curated to launch you into your most dapper look yet. 


Coordinate your outfit with a perfectly fitting SPREZZA necktie. The tweed material of the tie is sure to be your go-to look of the fall season, especially as the temperature is starting to drop. 

Pair up your look with the SPREZZA socks. The colors of the socks are vibrant enough while still maintaining that darker palette of colors that makes up the entire autumn theme.

Who ever said floral patterns wouldn't work post-springtime? Bedford & Broome proves that myth wrong with their subtle, yet stylish, patterned pocket square.

In need of giving your tie a little flair while protecting it from the fall winds? Let Woodchuck USA's Stache tie bar help you with exactly that.

While the rest of the box promotes a cozy fall attire, these Dapper whiskey stones are designed to keep your drink cool and refreshing. Don't forget to drink responsibly! 

Which item in The Movember stands out most for you? What are you most excited to rock for the fall season?

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