Upgrade Your Custom Suit Game With Knot Standard

Taking a high-tech approach to the art of fine tailored suits, Knot Standard steps up the game by giving you the freedom to build your best look at the comfort of your private space. With an online studio armed with a wide array of patterns, textured fabrics, and suit styles to fit every and any man's specifications, the limit is only where your suit needs and desires will take you. 
By taking a 3D model of your frame, online stylists will take instructions and specific fit measurements to design the best suit for your body type. 
Currently, Knot Standard features three distinct styles of suits for you to choose from: The Hudson, The Madison, or The Classic suit. Each come with their own fits, looks, and material, so make sure you read up on their short summaries to figure out which you would prefer. 
Good news! If you're thinking about trying out Knot Standard for yourself, using the code SPREZZAGENTLEMAN will give you 20% off everything online and in store! Curate a look that meets all your stylish needs to let out the dapper gentleman in you. 

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