How to (Properly) Layer in the Winter

Now that the temperature is dropping, it’s finally time to throw the layers on.

It’s always best to start small. Opt for a thin shirt, keeping the lighter pieces closer to the body for  room to add other articles of clothing. Plan it out. Layering is an art and should be pieced together carefully. Consider things like thickness, texture, pattern and color and figure out what works best.

Adding a sweater, vest, or cardigan will give your outfit some depth making it the perfect second layer. Just make sure they don't clash! This also gives you the opportunity to mute some of the pattern or texture you used in your first layer.

One thing to always keep in mind is the functionality of your layers. Certain fabrics will keep you warmer than others. For example, wool vs cotton. Wool will keep you extremely warm, so you might be able to get away with less layers. It is also durable and keeps its shape very well - so you can wear it for the next few winters without having to worry about constantly purchasing new pieces every year. Cotton on the other hand is easier to wear. It’s lighter, more comfortable, and doesn’t need as much care as wool.


Remember: The purpose of layering is being able to remove a layer or two and still look dapper.

Finally, top it off with a nice coat that complements your outfit and you are good to go.



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