The Hamilton (January) Box



The Hamilton box was based off of a neighborhood in uptown  subsection of tiny area of harlem facing hudson river. Artists in Hamilton inspired us to delve into our more colorful side so we added a sleek and vibrant tie by Knottery to speak for itself. (Retail $45)


We also figured you might need a new wallet to keep the money organized and well-kept for the new year. This 100% genuine leather wallet by Articulate is sleek and has a bunch of slots to hold all the gift cards you got for the holidays. (Retail $25)


Dappered Man Felt Lapel Flower (Retail $17). The perfect statement piece of your winter get-up. The felt gives your blazer/cardigan some nice texture. 


It's getting cold so we added more sweaters for your feet. The Sprezza socks have a luxurious 200-needle count and a hand-linked toe. (Retail $12)

The collar stay is an item that we feel most people neglect when thinking about dress-shirting. It keeps you looking professional and is a nice compliment to he perfect knot. No one wants a wimpy, untamed collar flying all over the place (Trust us). The brushed steel collar stays from Twillory will definitely do the job right, especially for the heavy duty stuff. (Retail $15)

This body wash by Every Man Jack. keeps your skin hydrated, protecting it from drying up in the colder weather. It's all natural - which means that there are no parabens, no phthalates, no dyes, and no sodium laurel sulfate (A.K.A. none of the bad stuff).


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