A Man’s Guide to (Proper) Outerwear

The Sherpa Trucker Jacket

This jacket will be sure to add the finishing touches to your killer outfit. It’s a great twist to your favorite you had to put away. Perfect for layering and extremely bad-ass. -- Worn here by Ryan Cheung (@cheunkyy)

The parka

It’s not only stylish, but the hood (often lined with fur or faux fur) protects the face from freezing temps and blocks out the wind. It is longer than a normal coat, typically above the knees, to keep the cold out for good. 

The Snorkel Jacket

Similar to the parka in shape, but with much more down (the warm stuff). This jacket is meant to keep you warm during the more extreme winter weather. It is often used by eskimos because it is strong enough to block out the wind and keep you nice and toasty. -- Worn here by Mark David (@deathbefore.decaf)

The Peacoat

A stylish man’s go-to coat for the winter. It can be dressed up with a nice pair of wingtips or worn casually with your favorite white sneakers. Either way, it will be sure to keep you warm and looking good. Originally worn by sailors to keep them warm on the windy waters. -- Worn here by Brian Chan (@imchanism)

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