The Denim Shirt

A very trendy and versatile wardrobe piece that every man should have. Whether it's a dress shirt, a casual shirt, or a heavy weight layering piece - the denim shirt is perfect for adding nice texture to any outfit.


The good thing about using denim as a shirt fabric is that you can find hundreds of different washes to match what look you are trying to accomplish. Because it is so durable, it can be tossed around and stay with you throughout your hectic day.

Often times, it is used to break up an outfit. However, you can still pair it up with a blazer/tie and cheat the office dress code. Wear it alone and make it a rugged statement piece. For a more laid back look you can leave it open with a crisp t-shirt underneath.


Whether you are on duty or hanging out at the beach, the denim shirt is definitely an essential piece for the modern man. It offers a touch of flavor to every wardrobe no matter what the season.

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