Spring Fever: How to Nail the Wardrobe Transition

The groundhog we all know and love is predicting an early spring this year. Which means you are probably anxious to break out the florals and lightweight fabrics hiding in the closet. We know. Here are a few ways to slowly break transition as the warmer weeks get closer.

Ditch the heavier fabrics and start peeling off some of the layers you don’t need anymore. A full linen suit probably wont be the best idea just yet, but you definitely can start getting rid of the wool (Sorry chunky sweater, you will be missed). Fabrics such as cotton, cashmere, and silk work well for the transitory phase and are very subtle. 


Lighten things up a bit. Instead of wearing the darker tones, reach for something brighter to give it more of a spring-y feel. Slightly changing up the color palette can make a big difference in transforming your look. You can even work in a lighter wash of denim to the mix. 


The boot phase is finally coming to an end in a few weeks so be sure to give them a nice polish before you put them away for a year. Instead, change it up with a pair of leather loafers or wingtips. It might not be warm enough for the no-show socks, but definitely match these shoes up with a nice pair of socks to keep you sane until the heat rolls in. The good thing about these picks is that they give the body a thinner silhouette - just incase you are still in the process of shedding those winter pounds.

Last tip: Do everyone a favor and keep the shorts in the closet until May.

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