The Kennedy Box

For February, we wanted to switch things up - so we had to think outside of the box (Pun intended!). We had a travel theme in mind and figured out using a dopp kit would be perfect. With this being said, we named the Kennedy Box after the well-known JFK airport.






We always knew we wanted to do a dopp kit to carry all of the grooming items we have, but we had no idea how we would fit that into a box. So instead, we swapped out the box for this canvas/leather dopp kit by RazorMD. The purpose of a dopp kit is to carry men’s grooming items for travel with ease. It is common to keep items such as deodorant, a razor, shaving cream, comb, shampoo etc, so that they are all located in one area when traveling.

What’s inside:

This dotted raw silk tie by Salt + Dapper is themed perfectly for the February holiday's (Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year). We wanted something with a nice texture and unique look, so we went with contrasting threads, paired with a simple microdot. This tie is perfect for slowly easing into the spring season coming up. 


The dopp kit (By: RazorMD), also known as a toiletry bag, is something we feel that every man should have when traveling. It is often neglected and sometimes even just hard to find when shopping. It keeps all of your travel needs in one simple place so you aren’t digging through your suitcase or weekender looking for your toothbrush or cologne.

In the spirit of travel, we decided to throw in a luggage tag in the mix. Unless you travel with a bright pink bag, it is often hard to differentiate between other bags on the belt at the airport. With this gorgeous leather luggage tag (By:Bryer), finding your things will be a whole lot easier. 

We know you can never have enough socks so we added this argyle print by Stesso socks. It is a staple in every collection and works well with just about any trouser. So we collaborate with Stesso to create matching socks that are exclusive to Sprezza. 

If you travel often, you might catch yourself without headphones to watch that movie on the plane. No one wants to use that disposable pair they leave behind in the seat, so we collaborated with IconQ for these earbuds that are perfect to leave in your carry-on.


Billy Jealousy has been featured in Esquire, Men’s health and have been recognized for their award winning grooming products. We didn’t want to leave you with a dopp kit without any grooming products so we tossed in this nice travel size to carry with you on your next trip. 


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