Brooklyn & Wall St.

The best of both worlds are coming from the Sprezza New York City, SS16 Collection. We are reintroducing the Brooklyn and Wall St. line - An updated take on your everyday four season ties. (Left to right: Maroon Texture Stripe [WS], Summer Paisley [WS], Blue Geofloral [WS], Power Stripe [WS].) 


The Wall St. Collection is for anyone dressing up for business. We took our own spin on the classics and gave them a little upgrade. Brighter colors and lighter fabrics, while maintaining a clean silhouette for the 9-5 guy. These ties are perfect for breaking out of the traditional businessman uniform. 

(Left Photo, Top to bottom: Purple Chevron [WS], Blue Geofloral [WS], Navy Power Stripe [WS], Quarter Plaid [WS], Salmon Floral [WS].)

The Brooklyn Collection is more playful than ever. It is a fun twist to neckwear. With Spring and Summer in mind, threw in some new colors and mixed them with modern patterns for the man that wants to stand out from the crowd of businessmen. This season we introduced a lot of new floral patterns, hand-picked by our stylists. You can thank us later.

( Left to right: Salmon Floral [WS], Navy Floral Field [BK], Maroon Texture Stipe [WS].) 


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