Introducing: The Madison Box


It finally looks like the nice weather is here to stay. This box was carefully curated to keep you cool and in-season. We used lightweight fabrics, to make a cotton tie, a cool denim pocket square and even brought back no-show socks from an old friend of ours. Staying on trend, we named this box after Madison Square Park because of the outdoor summer vibe in this area. It is the perfect place for everyday visits, the spacious dog run, and a large grassy are ideal for picnics. 

On the sunnier days, Madison Square Park easily becomes one of the city’s hotspots. This is why we opted for a lightweight cotton tie from Mosaic Menswear to keep you both cool and dapper all day long. The gingham tie really felt appropriate for the season. It is a classic design with a playful and casual feel

In our opinion, the Bedford & Broome pocket square is the star of the whole box (literally & figuratively). This pocket square is right in time for the holidays. The one right between July 3rd and July 5th. Does that ring a bell? It’s made of denim, which will add some nice texture to your everyday jacket.


We brought back an old friend of ours. The weather for no-shows is finally here to stay and we got you covered. Slip these on and they won’t slip off. Taft is known for their high quality, bold patterned socks that stay on your heel by using a textured silicone backing. They are cut low so that you can pair them with your favorite summer shoes. 


Fleur-de-lys is a french word that translates into flower lily. It is a popular decorative symbol representing the French monarchy. All things aside, we just thought this symbol looked awesome! We originally designed this lapel pin to mimic our best selling cuff links. Drop this on your lapel to add a subtle spring time floral to your outfit.

Want to enjoy a cigar on the golf course or simply at a backyard BBQ? If that’s the case, it only makes sense to carry this cigar cutter around. It is slim, sleek and fits right into your back pocket for easy access. It is a hand tool that will keep you prepared for moments like those. 


This month we teamed up with local New York company, The Laundress. These ladies really know their fabric care. We tested out their wash and stain bar to get rid of those unflattering underarm stains and the ring around the collar. It definitely got the job done!

Enjoy your box!

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