Phone Dry Bag by SmartReq
  • Air tight case that protects your phone from the harshest conditions when hiking, camping or swimming. 
  • *lanyard included, attaches separately
  • 4.3x8.6 inches - Compatible with all phones up to iPhone Plus
Paracord Bracelet by Gentlemen of the North
  • Multi-use for any scenario thrown your way.
  • Includes: extendable paracord, compass, whistle, and scraper
Pocket Knife by Gear Scope
  • Stainless steel with matte black coating
  • 2.5" folding blade 
Portable Cutting Saw by Gear Scope
  • Hard plastic handles
  • 2-feet of durable cutting wire designed for sawing through branches and firewood
Hiking Socks by Sprezza
  • Unique cotton-blend built for rugged use. Extra padding on sole
  • Fits sizes 8-12 comfortably